Sunday, 25 July 2010

Filo tweaks

Just a quick filofax update this one.
I've tweaked my set up a little so that to-do's are section one and diary wt2p is section 2. This makes it easier to write in the diary pages, and access my to do list. Such a simple change but very helpful!
I've also added photos cut from National Geographics to the front of most sections, trying to match the main colour of the photo to the section tab for niceness. So blue tab = sperm whales, green tab = new forest ponies. These are only bluetacked on the the tabs whilst I decide if I like the order!

Thats all for now really. We're plodding along nicely.

Though I am tempted by the dodo pad academic inserts.... and Logic still needs a job.
I'm thinking of making him an 'outdoors' organiser. For fell walks, gear, nature stuff, adventures, and that sort of thing, but I haven't taken the plunge with it yet...

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