Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Filo finds a friend!

A recent post on Philofaxy asking readers about their multiple filofaxes got me thinking.
I have Filo my songbird personal, and also a Botanical pocket that went round Australia with me, and was my first filofax.
But hiding at the back of Filo is a blue Filofax plastic wallet that I had stashed in a stationary drawer. But where did it come from?

I had vague memories of a black filofax at sometime. So I did what all Philophaxers would. I went hunting. Boxes in the cupboards, wardrobes, and under the bed. Actually I got a bit distracted organising and re-organising on the way, but hey it's one more job off the 'to-do list'!
Then I ventured into the garage - which is full of shelves of boxes of, for want of a better word, junk. Too many to organise today. But peeking and poking around, inside one of them I found......
A filofax!A black Logic zipped organiser in Personal size to be exact.
He's barely been used. (Definitely a he this FF) Red White and Blue subject tabs, to do pages, world map, whited ruled and quadrille paper, addresses.... and noticeably no plastic wallet so 'logically'... It's elementary my dear Watson! (sorry couldn't resist!) http://www.flickr.com/photos/edrinkall/4790513765/in/set-72157624183852255/

So now Filo has a friend, Logic. Now then this opens up a world of opportunity.
What shall I do with logic?
He could be a larger travel FF, and the zip around and pocket on the outside back cover might be very handy for just this.He could be a record of nature notes for my local patch - alphabetised species list, diary and sketches could all be implemented.
Reading through the Philofaxy comments he could do so many things! Whatever use I find for him though I think he has a definite 'business' feel to him, rather than the cheery friendly vibes that emanate from Filo.
At least till I decide I've got some free refills for Filo, so she knows I still love her.
I hope she doesn't get jealous!

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