Saturday, 19 June 2010

My life, but organised.

I started to use my first filofax this week.
I'm a third year vet student and as the work load and commitments have increased, I've been kinda disorganised for the last term. Last year a friend gave me a botanicals mini filo to take backpacking round Australia and it was great. So I dug it out, ratched through it decided it wasn't quite right and then hit google.
I found the philofaxy blog (
, and inspired headed out on a hunt for a Personal size filo.
My mum bought a songbird cover design filo for me, as a gift for graduation this summer.
It's amazing.
I have a year planner for clinical rotations next year, week to 2 pages for the rest of this year, to do lists, notes on whatever I need and somethings I don't (eg a wishlist for fishing books) and contacts for placements, vet school, friends whenever I need it.
I've even joined a flickr group and added some photo's!

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Doris the Duck

I'm currently nursing Doris. A juvenile male duck (my younger sister named him).
You can see photo's telling the story on my flickr at:

PS I'm a vet student, so don't worry too much!