Thursday, 5 August 2010

Millican field test

What better place to test my new pack 'Dave' than the area of the Lake District I call 'Millican country' Rosthwaite, Castle Crag, Grange Fell, High Spy, etc. The place where Millican Dalton lived seemed like a fitting field!

Out and about with Dave I noticed a few things:

1. Shoulder straps are very comfy. They don't contour to my body like my old tog24 pack, but it isn't a problem and it's a nicer pack to wear.

2. Despite the hip belt's appearance it's also comfy, easy to adjust on the move, and the 'tails' have handy clips to stow them out of your way

3. The interior side pocket was actually made to an OS map perfectly

4. The exterior side pockets will fit a Wainwright in them, with the last hole on the first popper.

5. The organic cotton is robust, and pretty weather proof in it'self without the cover on!

6. The pack may seem heavy when picked up, compared to some but I didn't notice it on the hill. And at least this bag is built to last!

Now my absoloute favourite thing about Dave is the side pocket opening into the interior. It's just so flipping handy! I place my Nikon in it's lowe pro holster, open on the floor of the pack, facing the side pocket, with a lens case alongside if I want. I tramp about safe in the knowledge that my camera is warm and snug in my pack, when suddenly I see a shot. (The sheep photo I posted earlier) I whip off one shoulder strap, slide Dave round my body undo the zip and 'Voila!' camera in hand!

The same scenario could be applied to other situations - sudden need for a hat or fleece or waterproof or..... you get the picture. It's pretty much as versatile as your packing!

So initial field tests are excellent. I'll have to get out for some more adventures soon, and upload a few pics of Dave as a camera pack!
I've also created a flickr group for 'Millicanites' if you're interested wander over to:

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  1. OH WOW! I have been looking for the perfect bag for work, and couldn't find anything I liked, or that looked good, or had just a big open pocket and classy looks. THEN I FOUND YOUR BLOG!!! I LOVE THESE BAGS! I found your site via Plannerisms "Whole lotta Filofax love" blog post. I've enjoyed your blog, post more! Thanks much!
    New Mexico, USA