Sunday, 1 August 2010

Filofax family

Well Filo has easily integrated into my daily life, a now much more organised life. So I thought who better to share the joy with than my immediate family.

Now we all know that Mum's teach us the most important things in life.
My Mum is amazing, and I love her to pieces, but being organised has never been high on her agenda. Which is odd, being as she runs all the paperwork for our family's tourism business with 18 holiday lets to sort!
So whilst we shopped in that large chain of stationary store named after the metal fixative for paper, I tempted my Mum into purchasing a pocket sized Indie, on sale.
It's taken quite a bit to get her to actually write in it though! She finally has and I think she quite likes it.
She has a diary week to 2 pages, which she mostly uses to record what classes she's been to at the gym, to make sure she gets her money's worth every month.
There's also some notes on the vocabulary she's learning in her taekwondo classes in one section, scribbled shopping lists on the notepad in the back corner and a page of ideas for my Dad's birthday.
Interestingly, shopping lists take her some persuading to write, and then actually take with her, and I've found it impossible to persuade her to plan meals like I do at Uni in the interests of saving money. The address pages are also conspicuously empty.

Next up was my younger sister. She's 20, studying Sport Science at Loughborough University, only 9 miles from the Vet School campus, is amazing at gymnastics, and one of the kindest people you could ever meet.
So I found and gave her one of the old Metropol style, Breast Cancer editions of a pocket, still with the stickers, and additional info sheets. It's smooth cover is pink, so I had to get her a matching pink filofax pen of course, even the note sheets, ruler and tabs inside it are pink!
She loves it and unlike my Mum has been chomping at the bit to get writing in it, but has had to wait until July 26th to do so (thats when the diary refill I got for starts). She was so excited she even bounced downstairs and asked me "Do you know what today is?" I had been out calving a cow until midnight so a little dazed and confused I just gave her a blank look. "Filofax day!" she declared happily.
I'm not sure how she's using it now, but I helped her set up her sections with to do sheets, addresses and notes. If she gives me a peak I'll let you know!

I found a similar post on Philofaxy, asking readers if their partners also use a filofax.

So that's the females in my family all converted. So what about my Dad? Well I remember he had an old red leather filo in pocket size when I was very little (~6) when he was running his own building company. It was his indispensable guide to phone numbers addresses and a record of what work had been completed every day, as well as hours worked by each man on the job. I can also remember it had a hard life and did die a death eventually, to be replaced by a more robust Kendal. What has happened to this filo since my family moved into tourism I don't know.
I think I might try and float the idea with him running up to Christmas...
It'd be a great gift for a man who want's 'Practical presents'!

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