Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Fabric filofax disaster averted

Apologies for the significant absence of blog posts lately... You wait for something interesting to write about and then 3 turn up at once.

So today I toddled off into Uni with my filo in my bag, insulated mug of tea in hand. On the way back I'd finished my tea and stashed the mug in my bag with filo. Big mistake!
The orange print of the company logo on my freebie thermos had rubbed onto the fabric of Filo! Horrid orange blur on the front cover, over my little song birds!
Filo was starting to get a little tatty around the ages but I couldn't have this...
Resourceful student thinking set in and I tentatively pulled up a Johnson's make up remover face wipe... With some gentle prelimminary dabs to see what might happen, and then a bit of cautious rubbing I removed most of the orange.
You can still see a faded orange shade on the white bits, but no where near as bad as it was!

So fabric filofax fans, Johnson's face wipes are one to remember!

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